* Paperless nurse licensure process. 
+ Special fingerprints or background check process may be required.

StateCompactWalk-throughTime Frame
Alabama2 Weeks
Alaska2 Weeks
Arizona+YESYESLicense issued 48-72 hours after the walk-through
ArkansasYES10 days for new
ColoradoYES4 weeks for new
Connecticut2 weeks
DelawareYES2 weeks for new
District of ColumbiaYES
Florida+4-6 weeks (1-2 if fingerprinting are done in-state)
Georgia4-6 weeks
HawaiiYESClosed on Fridays
Illinois4-6 weeks
Indiana2-3 weeks
IowaYES2-6 weeks for new
Kansas2 weeks
Kentucky*YES2 weeks for new
LouisianaYESWalk-through is for a temporary license; 4-6 weeks otherwise
Maine*YES2 weeks for new
Maryland*YESYESTemporary license issued after 1-2 weeks; Permanent issued after 4-6 months
Massachusetts4-6 weeks
Michigan6-8 weeks
Minnesota4-6 weeks
Montana1 week
Nevada6-9 weeks
New Hampshire*YES2-8 weeks for new
New Jersey4-6 weeks
New Mexico*YES2 weeks for new
New York6-8 weeks
North Carolina*YES2 weeks for new
North DakotaYES1 week for new
Ohio*4-6 weeks
Oklahoma3-4 weeks
Oregon3 weeks
Pennsylvania2-3 weeks
Rhode IslandYESYES4+ weeks for new
South CarolinaYESYES
South DakotaYESYES
TennesseeYES4-6 weeks for new
Texas*YES2 weeks for new
UtahYES3 weeks for new
VirginiaYES4 weeks for new
Washington*4-5 weeks
West Virginia1-2 weeks
WisconsinYES2 weeks for new
Wyoming2-3 weeks