Clonus Nursing Assessment

Crutches: 2-Point Gait

Counting Respirations Tips

Crutches: 3-Point Gait

Administring Pregnancy Tests

Crutches: 4-Point Gait

Opening An Ampule

Crutches: Swing Gait (Through/To)

Temporal Artery Pulse Point

Crutches: Sitting & Standing

Walker: Sit & Stand

Crutches: Using On Stairs

Popliteal Artery Pulse Point

Carotid Artery Pulse Point

T-Tube Nursing Care

Crutches, Canes, & Walkers

Brachial Artery Pulse Point

Ampule Withdrawing Meds

Dorsalis Pedis & Posterior Tibial

Walker Review

Cane Review

Crutches Review

Radial Pulse Assessment

 Manual Blood Pressure

Pulse Points Assessment

How To Check Vital Signs

Hand Hygiene

IM Deltoid Injection

Cranial Nerve V Trigeminal

6 Ways To Take A Temperature

Best Veins For IVs & Blood

Visual Acuity Test (Snellen)

Removing Sutures (Stitches)

6 Cardinal Fields Of Gaze

Removing Staples

Denture Care

Cranial Nerve Exam

Transfusing Blood Review

Pressure Injuries

Calculating Intake & Output

Patients With Needle Phobia

Sublingual Nitro Demo & Review

Assessment Of Chest

Head & Neck Assessment

Abdomen Exam

Extremities Assessment

Eye Assessment Nursing

Head-To-Toe Assessment

Health Assessment

Using a Metered-Dose Inhaler

Demonstration Metered Dose Inhaler

Applying Nitro Ointment

Sterile Gloving Demo

Meds Mnemonic

Eye Drops

Crushing Meds

Pill Splitting

Spike & Prime IV Bag

Colostomy Irrigation Demo

Ostomy Bag Change

Incentive Spirometer Demo

Lung Assessment

Assessing Lungs Quiz

Lung Sounds Quiz

Stridor Lung Sound

Monophonic Wheeze Lung Sound

Polyphonic Wheeze Lung Sound

Pleural Friction Rub Lung Sound

Fine Crackles Lung Sound

Coarse Crackles Lung Sounds

Normal Lung Sounds

Abnormal Lung Sounds

Can't Find Veins?!

Chest Tubes Explained

How To Mix Insulin Demo

Assessing Heart Sounds Demo

Carotid & Jugular Assessment

Checking Vital Signs Demo

Deep Tendon Reflex Exam

Babinski's Sign Assessment

Achilles Reflex Assessment

Patellar Reflex Assessment

Biceps Reflex Assessment

Brachioradialis Reflex Assessment

Triceps Reflex Assessment

Calculating Respiratory Rate

Blood Draw Tips

Jackson-Pratt Drain Care

A.E.D Pad Placement

A.E.D Usage On Adult/Child

12 Lead EKG Placement

Why People Miss Veins

IV Tip: Rolling Veins

How To Find A Vein In The Hand

Checking A Carotid Pulse

Pupil Reflex Check

Finger Prick Tutorial

Lancet Device Tutorial

How To Check A Radial Pulse

A.E.D Usage On Adult/Child

Inserting A Foley Catheter

Preparing A Foley Kit

Donning Sterile Gloves

Intramuscular Deltoid Injection

Safe And Proper Glove Removal

Starting An IV Demo

Giving A Soapsuds Enema Demo

Finding A Vein For IVs

Giving A Ventrogluteal Injection

Giving A SubQ Injection

12-Lead EKG Sticker Placement

2 Step Blood Pressure Demo

Applying And Tying A Tourniquet

IV Gauge Needle Differences